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In-person and virtual
Recovery/Life Coaching

Our recovery and life coaches are certified professionals with shared lived experience and have a deep understanding of the recovery process. They will empower you to make informed decisions, set achievable goals, and overcome the challenges that may arise during your recovery journey. Through sessions, we provide guidance, support, and accountability to help you navigate the path towards lasting transition into a life of sustainable recovery.

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We at Higher Trail Recovery Services empower the individuals and families towards lasting sobriety and personal growth through our Core Services: 
Support Group

Supportive Home Environment

Start your journey to lasting recovery today!

If housing is indicated then join our inclusive recovery community where you can connect with others who understand. Explore renowned support groups like AA, NA, CA, Celebrate Recovery, Dharma Recovery, and more. Find understanding, connection, and guidance as you navigate your recovery journey. 

Empowering You and Your Loved Ones on the Journey to Lasting Sobriety

Case Management

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